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Visuals in Motion Advertising, Inc.


The Island of Mindanao covers an area of 102, 043 square kilometres. Reaching one of the country’s largest market of over 18.1 million people excluding the growing number of visitors to the island will require instant product visibility that stands out from the rest.

Visuals in Motion Advertising, Inc. gives your product an impressive daily presence in the island and secures maximum memory space in the minds of your customers at a minimum price.

With Visuals in Motion Advertising, Inc. nothing is gone to waste. You can count on us to produce advertisement that goes beyond borders and delivers larger than life visuals and messages that make difficult to ignore.

Visuals in Motion Advertising, Inc. is your partner in stragetically positioning your products in the island. We serve the major cities of Davao, General Santos, Cagayan de Oro, Zamboanga and Cotabato. Our experts work with you at every stage in designing , managing and implementing your transit advertisements. They will help you acquire the best advertising space and produce superior advertising materials to match your needs for high, consistent and effective visibility among your target markets. Our transit ads will simulate

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